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Identifying Religious Brainwashing: Doctrine Over Person (Part 7 of 8)

This is the seventh in an eight-part series on how to identify brainwashing in a destructive group or cult. It is based off of Dr. Robert Jay Lifton’s “Eight-Point Model of Thought Reform” and borrows from several other authorities on the topic of religious mind-control.* 1.) Part One: Milieu Control 2.) Part Two: Mystical Manipulation 3.) […]

Redeeming the Years of the Locust

“I will make up to you for the years that the locust has eaten.” – Joel 2:25 Joplin, Missouri. I stand transfixed in the hot July parking lot watching a brown grasshopper chew grass. Trucks roar by on I-44 and puffy clouds stack overhead. But the real drama happens in front of me, on the brittle […]

Sheep Gone Wild: How to Identify Christians Who Bite, Abandon, or Cling

I’ve been there—have you? My cell phone rings and my heart sinks. It’s Jasmine*–poor Jasmine. In need of yet another short-term loan as she lives in perpetual crisis. Or it’s Trevor, asking for help at the last minute. Again. His poor planning has become a standard joke in our young adult group. Or maybe it’s […]