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Book Review of “Broken Trust” by F. Remy Diederich

Editor’s Note: I rarely endorse books. This is an exception. Remy sent me an earlier draft of his book and requested feedback. I made some edits, but mostly I just rejoiced that he had written such a book. I believe it is the most helpful resource about spiritual abuse that has yet been written. The […]

Spiritual Abuse Recovery: Learning to Risk

I, like many survivors of spiritually abusive churches or cults, experience trust issues and am generally risk-averse. I have become so good at saying “no” to people and opportunities that I have almost forgotten what it is like to say “yes.” It is easier to hunker down in my tightly-controlled routine than to risk getting […]

Unforgiveness: How to Staple Your Own Hand

My friend Jeff once flew bush planes in Alaska. He gained great skill as a pilot and also learned how to service his own plane. The reasoning went something like this: If Jeff’s engine ever conked out while he was flying over the remotest parts of Alaska, he’d better be able to land the plane […]

Who Writes Your Shattered Life?

“We will only love our story to the degree that we see the glory that seeps through our most significant shattering. To see that glory, we must enter into and read our tragedies with confidence that they will end better than we could ever imagine…. God writes our story not just for our own enlightenment […]

Ten Ways to Reach the Unreachable

Your son has stopped calling. Or your daughter. Your sister’s mannerisms have changed. Now all she wants to talk about is her church and the wisdom of the leader. She stops showing up at family gatherings. She returns Christmas presents, unopened. Your brother terminates a conversation. “Stop trying to deceive me,” he shouts. “You’re just […]