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When Your Abusive Pastor Dies

When you hear that your abusive former pastor is dead, the news will not bring you peace and it is unlikely to bring you joy. I am unhappy to say this but it’s true nevertheless and so there it is. What was broken in life cannot be mended by death. Death has no power to […]

The Golden Ooze

On a hot July day in an otherwise chilly Maine summer I drove to Pineland Farms in New Gloucester to buy ice cream. The country store also sold raw honeycomb in plastic tubs the size of a grapefruit. Raw honeycomb? Sweet gooey yumminess? I couldn’t resist. Sitting in my light green Taurus overlooking the rolling […]

Unforgiveness: How to Staple Your Own Hand

My friend Jeff once flew bush planes in Alaska. He gained great skill as a pilot and also learned how to service his own plane. The reasoning went something like this: If Jeff’s engine ever conked out while he was flying over the remotest parts of Alaska, he’d better be able to land the plane […]