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What Mark Driscoll Can Teach Us About Church Leadership

In his recent article, “Mark Driscoll’s Problems, and Ours,” Carl R. Trueman pens a thoughtful synopsis of the crisis in church leadership in the Reformed movement as seen through the lens of Mark Driscoll’s latest faux pas — a lesson applicable, of course, to other Christian movements and churches. Carl R. Trueman is Paul Woolley […]

What’s at Stake in the Gender Debate?

Let’s talk for a moment about fear. Fear frames the gender debate in evangelical America. You can sense it in many of the comments posted on my recent article about “The Myth of Biblical Manhood.” Fear of dissent. Fear of being wrong. Fear of entertaining the thought that someone who believes differently might be just […]

The Myth of Biblical Manhood

After a long correspondence, Mark Driscoll, John Piper, Doug Phillips, and John Eldredge decide to meet at a bar to discuss whose view about Biblical Manhood is most biblical. At Driscoll’s urging, they gather at the Red Herring Pub in Seattle to knock back a few adult beverages. Fog settles outside. The four men sit […]

Throwing Christians to the Christians? Blogging as Bloodsport

“Whatever you have done to the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto me.” – Jesus Who needs lions when you can throw Christians to the Christians? This started out as a blog post about Mars Hill and Pastor Mark Driscoll. It was not going to be a favorable post. I once said […]