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Missing Link: Bill Nye, Ken Ham, and the Lack of Transitional Bloggers

In case you missed it, Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Science Museum in Kentucky, and Bill Nye (of Science Guy fame), will debate “Is Creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” You can catch the debate on 2.4.14 at debatelive.org. It sounds like a great event. The chief apologist for […]

Rachel Held Evans and the Scandal of the Evangelical Heart

Sometimes I encounter a blog post so compelling, it stops me in my tracks. The other night I couldn’t sleep. Wind shrieked outside as a cold front clawed through Columbus. I padded downstairs over thick carpet and curled on the couch beneath my blue blanket. Cozy. I drank a cup of blueberry coffee and turned […]

Throwing Christians to the Christians? Blogging as Bloodsport

“Whatever you have done to the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto me.” – Jesus Who needs lions when you can throw Christians to the Christians? This started out as a blog post about Mars Hill and Pastor Mark Driscoll. It was not going to be a favorable post. I once said […]