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The Golden Ooze

On a hot July day in an otherwise chilly Maine summer I drove to Pineland Farms in New Gloucester to buy ice cream. The country store also sold raw honeycomb in plastic tubs the size of a grapefruit. Raw honeycomb? Sweet gooey yumminess? I couldn’t resist. Sitting in my light green Taurus overlooking the rolling […]

Who Writes Your Shattered Life?

“We will only love our story to the degree that we see the glory that seeps through our most significant shattering. To see that glory, we must enter into and read our tragedies with confidence that they will end better than we could ever imagine…. God writes our story not just for our own enlightenment […]

A Land That I Heard Of

Every childhood has its clouds, we discover. Every cowboy has his sad, sad song. Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high, There’s a land that I heard of Once in a lullaby. My mother’s beautiful soprano voice would sing to me when I was feeling blue as a little boy. I remember the piano room […]