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Frankenstein Faith: “Because I’m Your Pastor, That’s Why!” (Part 2 of 10)

We’re in a ten-part series about scriptural distortions used by cult leaders or those who spiritually abuse others. One of the greatest abuses of scripture is to use Bible passages to make people follow you. The New Testament knows nothing of this. New Testament spiritual authority is based on truth and trust (good character), not […]

Hebrews 13:17: Spiritual Authority’s Most Abused Verse

Grab your shovel. We’re about to excavate a much-misunderstood Bible verse. There is one biblical text above all others which authoritarian leaders cite to compel obedience among their followers: Hebrews 13:17. Poor Hebrews 13:17. My former pastor often used this verse. He cited it to support his concept of spiritual authority as a relationship between an authority figure who has positional […]

A Biblical Perspective on Spiritual Authority and Critical Thinking

When I was in a cult I believed that my pastor’s claims to authority obligated me to obey him. I accepted what he said uncritically. I thought he spoke for God. Today, I understand that when I blindly obey someone who claims to have spiritual authority I put myself at risk of spiritual abuse. Evangelicals can […]