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10 Questions a Church Should Ask When it Receives Bad Press

In my experience, most churches act in predictable ways when the media accuses them of cult-like behavior. They either huddle up like the three monkeys, or else leap into damage-control and lash out at their accusers. I know, because eleven years ago my church appeared on the front page of the State’s largest daily newspaper […]

Faith Healing? Trust in God, but See a Doctor

Missionary doctor Paul Brand related the following story in the November 25, 1983 issue of Christianity Today: David Gilmore told about an illness of his 15-month-old son, Dustin Graham Gilmore, that began in April of 1978. At first the child came down with flu-like symptoms. The Gilmores took him to their church and the pastor […]

The Death of Faith

A baby’s tragic death. “Strange” behavior by church members. Townsfolk concerned. The Media flummoxed. In the East Texas town of Wells, a recent event highlights the danger of elevating one biblical teaching out of proportion to the rest of scripture. It shows why a church can be biblical and yet unorthodox. The Death of Faith […]