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Does the Church of Wells Teach a False Gospel?

Over the past several months, the Church of Wells in Wells, Texas has received national media attention, most recently by the ABC show Nightline Prime with Dan Harris, which aired on 4/5/14. Background Concern about the group first rose to prominence when the church allowed a baby to die in the summer of 2012 rather […]

10 Questions a Church Should Ask When it Receives Bad Press

In my experience, most churches act in predictable ways when the media accuses them of cult-like behavior. They either huddle up like the three monkeys, or else leap into damage-control and lash out at their accusers. I know, because eleven years ago my church appeared on the front page of the State’s largest daily newspaper […]

The Death of Faith

A baby’s tragic death. “Strange” behavior by church members. Townsfolk concerned. The Media flummoxed. In the East Texas town of Wells, a recent event highlights the danger of elevating one biblical teaching out of proportion to the rest of scripture. It shows why a church can be biblical and yet unorthodox. The Death of Faith […]