An Update

Dear friends,

For several months I have taken a hiatus from blogging in order to spend concerted effort writing the first draft of a book. The draft is taking shape and I hope to have it done by Christmas. It will then go through several revisions before I send it to an agent (hopefully) next summer. I expect to start blogging again early in the new year. While book writing has its own rewards, it is a lonelier process than I imagined. I look forward to returning to this online community soon.

Grace and peace, Steve

11 comments on “An Update

  1. My friend and I were just wondering when your next blog post would come out! Looking forward to your book and you are missed in the blog world!

  2. Very cool, Steve. You have been missed, though!

  3. Happy writing! The querying process is rough. I’ve found some of the forums at Absolute Write to be super helpful for writerly advice. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the update. God has used you to help me a lot with this blog so I can just imagine the help that people will get from the book.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement and tips, everyone. What a great group of brothers and sisters you are!

  6. you have been missed!

  7. How funny that I was *just* wondering why there’ve been no posts lately! As others have said, you are missed but it is GOOD that you write a book. It is one I will be purchasing I can assure you! Thank you so very much for ministering to the wounded Body of Christ from your own place of healing. I reference and recommend this blog often!

  8. Nice to know you haven’t disappeared forever 🙂

  9. Great news, Steve. Always concerned when someone “disappears.” Grace and peace…

  10. Thanks Steve for your update- we have missed your wisdom and insight;looking forward to your new book!

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