5 comments on “When Abusers Act Like Victims, Victims Get Abused

  1. This is one of the most helpful articles I’ve read in dealing with the after-effects of abuse (and I’ve read a LOT of articles). Thank you very much.

  2. I don’t just like this, I love it. Oooh the things I have heard come out of abuser’s mouths. It’s nuts tinged with just enough reality to undermine the victim’s confidence in their own perception. So sad that we do these things to each other.

  3. […] When Abusers Act Like Victims, Victims Get Abused by Liberty for Captives.  Quotes: […]

  4. […] for what they do. When you try to get them to, they will simply find a way to make it all about you. (Remember – human beings have an almost infinite capacity for […]

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