Top 12 Blog Posts

Two years ago I started this blog in order to confront spiritual abuse with grace and truth. I wasn’t sure there was anyone outside of my immediate family and a small circle of friends who would read the posts. I wasn’t sure how wide the problem was.

Two years later, I understand better that spiritual abuse comes in all shapes and sizes and has no geographical preference. It is a grievous evil, and yet there is hope for freedom and healing for anyone caught in its tangled web. I have heard from several of you who left cults in the last two years. Praise God! Many others reached out because you have family members or friends in unhealthy groups. God is working to liberate captives. Thanks for sharing your stories and becoming part of the conversation to help others.

While some of my own favorite posts didn’t make the list, here are the 12 posts you shared most often over the past two years. Check them out if you missed them:

  1. The Myth of Biblical Manhood
  2. Does the Church of Wells Teach a False Gospel?
  3. Why We Tolerate Psychotic Pastors
  4. Ten Major Symptoms of Spiritual Abuse
  5. Self-Deprecating Narcissists: Why Some Christian Narcissists Appear Humble
  6. The Death of Faith
  7. Hebrews 13:17: Spiritual Authority’s Most Abused Verse
  8. Christian Leaders and the Don’t Talk Rule
  9. Mind Games of Abusers: When Words Have No Meaning
  10. Why People in Cults Don’t Think They’re in Cults
  11. Grace Based Families vs. Shame Based Families
  12. Religious Brainwashing (Part 1 of 8)

What topics would interest you for future posts? Check out the Topical Index of Blog Posts, ask your friends and family, and then let me know what you’d like to see covered which doesn’t already appear. Tell me in the Comments section below. I’ll do my best to engage those topics over the coming months.

Grace and peace to each of you.

2 comments on “Top 12 Blog Posts

  1. My personal favorite was Throwing Christians to the Christians, I probably referenced that post for three months after reading it.

  2. love why people in cults don’t think they’re in cults

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